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If you’re a college student, it’s likely that your daily screen time counts are rivaling (or even exceeding after you add in all of the time on Netflix) those of young professionals. Digital Eye Strain can significantly impact your productivity. That 8 page history paper you were going to pound out in 6 hours starting at 10pm? Yeah, imagine how much more efficient you could be if you didn’t constantly have to look away or take a “quick” break from the screen. DES fatigues your eyes significantly over such a long period of screen use, especially when you are staring at small text, which would strain your eyes in even the best of lighting conditions.

If you’re a high school or middle school student, there’s a good chance that your school is using tablets instead of books, and an even more significant chance that you are using a personal tablet or laptop to knock out your homework after school. While the same principles of productivity certainly apply to you, it’s crucial that you realize that as someone who is under the age of 18, your eyes are more susceptible to damage by Blue Light as they develop. As that screen in the classroom starts to get a little blurry over the years, it’s highly likely that all of the exposure to eye strain has been damaging your eyes, taking you from a youthful 20/20 into the land of those of us who require corrective eyewear.

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