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Many parents are already concerned about screen time. Ever more our children are turning to digital devices for both learning and entertainment and there is a lot of concern regarding how much is too much? What happened to the days where everyone played outside?

Is your child’s day like this…

Wake up (slowly) and eat breakfast (slowly) while watching the iPad. It’s happening in more houses than you think. They head to school on the bus or in your car. If they’re old enough to have their own smartphone they’re glued to it. They’re watching YouTube, engaging with social media, texting with their friends, and listening to music all at the same time. If they’re too young for a phone, they want to see yours while you drive. You wonder, why can’t we just talk, look out the window or listen to music?

They head to school where they are inside for most of the day, using technology to learn under florescent lighting of the classroom.

When your child returns home, they hop on their iPads to watch a show or play a game. With little or no digital break they then have to get back in front of a screen to complete homework and prepare for a quiz. They’re tired, you are tired, and they just want some time to decompress.

This digital day can turn that picture perfect bed-time routine into more of a war zone. Blue light limits melatonin production; it is no doubt your child is not ready to peacefully settle into bed, their body hasn’t had a chance to stay in tune with their natural circadian rhythm.

Sound familiar? Here’s the good news: The internet and electronic devices enable children and adolescents to expand their knowledge well beyond the classroom walls and can be a valuable educational tool when used in moderation. The bad news? Too much exposure to anything, especially blue light, can be harmful. Furthermore, our children’s vision is even more vulnerable to the detrimental effects of blue light and we need to ensure that we can do everything that we can to help guard them from potential vision damage. Protect your children’s vision today by exploring our solutions in PupilBox Kid

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