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The PupilBox Lens Difference

PupilBox is offering various lens options to provide a choice based on how you consume Blue Light.

Casually Connected

Our least colored lens offers no color distortion, but also minimal protection. This lens blocks the majority of blue light at the 420nm point. Designed for those that don't use digital devices often or at long lengths of time. These lenses are not suitable for children.

Digitally Addicted

This is our hallmark lens. Designed to block the majority of the blue light at 450nm. These are the wavelengths emitted from digital devices such as computer screens, tvs, and mobile devices. These lenses are designed to relieve digital eyestrain and are suitable for children.

Sleep Lens

This lens blocks the most blue light and also has the most coloring. Blocking the majority of blue light at 480nm, this lens can help you have a more restful sleep. Blue light can impede the body's natural Circadian Rhythm. These lenses block the majority of that specific and allow the body to start producing melatonin. These lenses are also suitable for children.

Pupilbox Lens Protection Levels

Casually Connected


Adults looking at a screen less than 8 hours per day

Digitally Addicted


Adults and children concerned about eye health



Block Blue Light at night to sleep