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The PupilBox

THE PupilBox

What is a Visual Lifestyle System?

Do I Need One?

It’s part of our mission to go beyond glasses in order to help you combat the symptoms of digital eye strain and ensure the health of your eyes and body.

The more we learn about digital eye strain (DES) the more we realize that while blue light may be the overall culprit, there are so many other factors feeding into DES, also called computer vision syndrome. It’s our responsibility as the leaders in the industry to provide the highest-quality, lab-tested products and we do so in a comprehensive manner.

PupilBox is the first visual lifestyle system that protects people from Blue Light.


First, we don’t just stick an “anti-blue light” sticker on our lenses and leave it up to you to sort it out. PupilBox is fully transparent about the levels of high energy visible light that our lenses are blocking as well as providing three different specialized lenses for your needs: our Casually Connected lenses for those who seek protection at the office or school but aren’t looking for as darkly tinted of a lense, the Digitally Addicted lens for our customers whose priority is their long term eye health with a nearly clear lens, and the Sleep lens, designed to block the longer wavelengths that disrupt your sleep cycle.

Next, our surgical grade lubricating eye drops make sure that you are blinking. It is no secret that blinking is crucial to the health and comfort of your eyes. Over-use of a digital screen can cause dry eyes, burning or itchy eyes, and tired, sore eyes. One of the symptoms of digital eye strain is that the blink rate slows dramatically, by as much as a factor of five. Using eye drops frequently during a heavy screen usage session will not only refresh and relieve the eyes, but will also ensure that your blink rate stays at a natural level.

We don’t stop there. Our lens wipes and high quality lens cloths make sure that your eyes are not straining looking through dirty, grimy lenses. Similar to looking through a dirty windshield, you eyes most strain to focus on something beyond those small specs that are right in front of them. We tested many different wipes and cloths, and believe that ours are the best you can get.

Finally, we bring you the PupilBulb. The PupilBulb, a low-blue light bulb, helps you prepare for bed in an environment almost completely devoid of high energy light. This mimics the sun cycle and prepares your body to wind down naturally for a better night’s sleep. Our user-based market research has shown that this is not only very effective for those with sleeping problems but can ease small children into sleep more quickly and perhaps more importantly, that they stay asleep.

When you select your frames, click ‘Complete PupilBox’ and change the way you consume blue light. Get protected today!

Pupilbox Lens Protection Levels

Casually Connected


Adults looking at a screen less than 8 hours per day

Digitally Addicted


Adults and children concerned about eye health



Block Blue Light at night to sleep