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PupilBox has set out to provide a complete visual lifestyle system for protecting yourself from harmful levels of Blue Light.

Which 'Pupil' is PupilBox focused on (pun-intended)? BOTH.

PupilBox wants ensure everyone has the right protection to control the light that enters through the pupil in their eye. The eye pupils most at risk are the young students: pupils. An increasing number of classrooms rely on tablets and computers as the medium for education. All day blue light exposure to unprotected pupil’s pupils may lead to a generation suffering from age macular degeneration. Something we can and should avoid by taking the right precautions.


PupilBox is a comprehensive solution to the digital eye strain and blue light problem. We have assembled some of the highest quality, most effective products in the marketplace today and built a box that contains everything essential for the health and safety of your eyes and body, making sure that you are living the best visual lifestyle that you can be.

It all begins with our glasses, made by hand in our state of the art lab. Not only does PupilBox offer various styles based on personal preference, but also various lens based on the type of blue light you want to block. Our glasses come with high grade cleaning supplies. We want to make sure your eyes don’t strain from looking through smudges and dirt, as well as to ensure the longevity of the high-quality eyewear you’ve just purchased.

Blinking is your eye’s refresh. Staring at pixelated-screens for hours on end can lead to dry eyes. Sometimes you need a drop of the good stuff. PupilBox provides you the best tested eye drops for those mid afternoon ocular droughts.

Last, PupilBox will actually change the light to which you are exposed! Our light bulbs will help protect your eyes and shift your body into sleep mode. Better sleep equals better health.

PupilBox is designed to be a purposeful, holistic solution to better visual health for all lifestyles.

3 different ranges of Blue Light, 2 eyes, 1 solution : PupilBox!



According to the 2015 “Pearson Student Mobile Device Survey”, 1 in 5 students have their own tablet or laptop for in-class learning. The impact on vision from the amount of screen time imposed on our youth is a public health concern; an issue yet to be widely discussed.

PupilBox is getting proactive by developing the PupilBox.EDU Toolkit for schools to ensure the children are protected from harmful blue light. At the core of our free offering to schools will be an application to install on the student’s device that will filter blue light and encourage best practices to keep their young eyes healthy.

If you are a school representative or concerned parent and want to learn more, send us an email.



PupilBox was founded in May of 2016 by a group of people who saw the need for a solution to that burning feeling we get in our eyes around 3pm at work, or when we’re stealing that last glance at Facebook and Instagram before bed.

The more we learned about Blue Light, and specifically Harmful Digital Light, the more we realized that it’s about more than just tired eyes. Computer screens, tablets, smartphones, even displays on our appliances and the fluorescent lighting in the office– all of these are constantly bombarding our eyes with blue light. It’s not just making our eyes watery, either. Overexposure to blue light is affecting our ability to work, our ability to sleep, and may even have irreparable damage to our vision.

PupilBox has set out to provide a complete system for protecting yourself from harmful levels blue light. We’ve tested a myriad of products and designs in our lab, and are committed to providing only the highest quality and most effective products to our consumers. We envision a world where just like everyone wears sunscreen to protect their skin from rays from the sun, everyone will be using PupilBox to protect their eyes from the light from their screens.

Pupilbox Lens Protection Levels

Casually Connected


Adults looking at a screen less than 8 hours per day

Digitally Addicted


Adults and children concerned about eye health



Block Blue Light at night to sleep