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Get a Better Night’s Sleep with a Low Blue Light Bulb

If you have trouble sleeping or trouble getting your kids to go to sleep, blue light may be what is keeping you up!

If you’re familiar with the discussion around blue light, then you will know that high energy visible light signals to the brain that it is daytime. This response is processed through our eyes. When blue light wavelengths hit the eye, melanopsin receptors send a signal to the “circadian control center,” the suprachiasmatic nucleus. This group of brain cells, located in the hypothalamus, regulates hormone rhythms with 24 hour or similar cycles, especially the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is the cycle which regulates sleep. Once the signal that there is blue light present reaches the suprachiasmatic nucleus, it signals the pineal gland, which makes melatonin, to cease its activity.  It is academically documented and empirically proven that exposure to blue light through digital devices negatively affects sleep.

Blue light isn’t just produced by our digital devices that you’re using to unwind. Another source of this sleep disrupting light comes from artificial lighting! Chances are that the light bulbs installed in your home actually emit high levels of blue light, especially the “cool white” or energy efficient LED light bulbs which are in widespread use these days.

That’s why we made the PupilBulb.

The PupilBulb is a universally compatible light bulb that emits almost no blue light. This means that you and your family can prepare for bed in a low blue environment, getting a jump start on falling asleep and maintaining a more natural circadian rhythm. It’s unnatural for us to be exposed to high energy visible light after the sun goes down, but by using the PupilBulb you can simulate the sun cycle for deeper, healthier sleep.

One of our favorite stories come from our customer who is parent. They told us, “We measure how long it takes to put our children to sleep by the number of bedtime stories. Using the PupilBulb during story time has us down from five stories to two!”

The PupilBulb is designed to emit a soothing dark orange light at an intensity high enough to illuminate the room. This light is similar to those last, most beautiful moments of sunset. Even though you will be able to see clearly, it is the color of the light, not the brightness, which simulates darkness to your pineal gland!

Give yourself and your family a better night’s sleep with PupilBulb.

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Adults looking at a screen less than 8 hours per day

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Adults and children concerned about eye health



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