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If you’re a small business owner or team manager determined to help the company achieve their goals then you want to do everything that you can do to make sure the office is as successful as possible. The little things can make all the difference when optimizing focus, motivation, and ultimate productivity. Aside from the monetary incentives of success and the “ra-ra” cheerleader speeches, there are a myriad of factors that play into your ultimate success, many of them falling into the bucket of the work environment.

One of the most overlooked factors in creating a productive, healthy work environment is lighting. Light that is too harsh, especially fluorescent lighting, can cause the eyes to strain to see. This can increase errors and decrease focus as employees are distracted by the discomfort and energy levels wane from the prolonged strain. One study showed that productivity was affected by up to 20%. Access the study here.

The Manhattan Vision Associates writes:

“From both the worker’s and the employer’s perspectives, an investment in a combination of workspace ergonomics and computer eyewear can benefit the workplace and overall productivity… Employers will benefit from productivity gains and reduced worker’s compensation claims.”

While investing in a total office rehaul may seem like an option, a simpler solution would be to introduce blue light filtering glasses into the equation. Eliminating the symptoms of digital eye strain in the office has been shown to decrease the rate of errors, boost productivity, and even boost morale.

Referenced Study: Kent M. Daum, Katherine A. Clore, Suzanne S. Simms, Jon W. Vesely, Dawn D. Wilczek, Brian M. Spittle, Greg W. Good, Productivity associated with visual status of computer users, Optometry – Journal of the American Optometric Association, Volume 75, Issue 1, 2004, Pages 33-47, ISSN 1529-1839

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