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What Exactly is Kickstarter?

May 02, 2017

What Exactly is Kickstarter?

Here’s the gist of it:
Like any business selling goods, in order to create sustainable margins, supplies must be purchased in minimum quantity orders (e.g. 1,000 units). Given startups have limited access to capital, these bulk orders can be unobtainable in the early days without substantial orders; large number of people purchasing the product.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, which means that it leverages the power of online community. A startup has immediate exposure to thousands of people that have the opportunity to “back” (pre-order) deeply discounted, products. These pre-orders provide the startup the financial wherewithal to get going. They get a ‘kick start’!

Our Kickstarter campaign:
Success in our Kickstarter means that we can roll out three new lens lines, each optimized to protect you from a specific range of the Blue Light spectrum. Many lenses on the market claim to block “blue light” and provide no additional information on how much, or at what wavelengths their lenses are most effective. The PupilBox lenses will be custom tailored to block specific wavelengths for Digital Eye Strain relief, maximum protection, and sleep enhancement. Most importantly, success in our Kickstarter means that we can continue to follow our passion of protecting people’s’ vision, educating the public about light consumption, and innovating new products to help everyone navigate our digitally addicted age…safely.

We will be offering several tiers of “rewards.” A t-shirt, sweatshirt, signature glasses, pick-your-own glasses, and of course the full PupilBox. There are also rewards that bundle these together, and in greater quantities! We even have a reward tier for you to protect your entire office!

Note: you also have the opportunity to increase the amount of dollars for any reward tier, providing us more margin to protect more pupils.

Kickstarter also features what is called an Early Bird Special. For a limited number of backers who get to the campaign first, they can receive our rewards at an even MOREdiscounted price.

Don’t miss out on our early bird rewards. Sign up for an email reminder when our campaign is launched here.

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Pupilbox Lens Protection Levels

Casually Connected


Adults looking at a screen less than 8 hours per day

Digitally Addicted


Adults and children concerned about eye health



Block Blue Light at night to sleep