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Pupil or Pupil – The Core Mission of PupilBox

March 05, 2017

Pupil or Pupil – The Core Mission of PupilBox

You may have noticed that Pupil has two meanings, and it may be confusing as to which one we mean. Are these boxes for students or for your eyes? The answer is both.

Our founder, Paul Rudolph, has long been involved in pediatric health issues. When we began to delve into the world of blue light and protection from it, we became more and more concerned with digital addiction as an epidemic. Furthermore, we became concerned about the effects of this epidemic on our children.

More and more children are using computers, tablets, and phones to both learn and play. Many schools actually relegate classroom materials to iPads or Chrome tablets. Computer monitors are required for homework, and many parents pass the phone to their child for playtime. Our children are being exposed to more blue light than ever before.

Once we realized that this was a concern, down the rabbit hole we went. We were astounded when we learned that the lens of a child’s eye actually remains significantly less developed in its ability to block blue light. In fact, the high energy light filtering capacity of the eye has not fully matured until age 28-30.

What’s worse? It may not seem apparent at first, but something so simple amplifies this problem. Our children have shorter arms than we do! This means that any time a child is sitting at a computer, holding a tablet, or playing Angry Birds on the phone, the screen is much closer to their eyes than during adult use. The closer to the screen, the higher the intensity of blue light.

Because research suggests that overexposure to blue light may increase the risk of early onset of age-related macular degeneration, we fear that the extension of our digital addiction to our children will have drastic effects on their visual lifestyles in the future. Degrading vision, eye disease, and lifetime habits of over-exposure to blue light are only some of the possible outcomes.

PupilBox aims to not only bring the best technology to the market, accessible to children through our kids style and size frames, as well as light bulbs for their rooms at night; but we also strive to be the new center of information for blue light and all visual lifestyles. We hope to launch programs that will give away our glasses in schools, to have educators give seminars in those schools, and to partner with schools to ensure that all students have the technology that they needs to protect their eyes. Our mission is to protect young professionals and their children from the dangers of blue light– and we fully intend to do so.

The task ahead of us relies just as much on education as it does on distributing our technology. We need your help to start the conversation around blue light. Tell your friends, your co-workers, and your family. Learn as much as you can, and spread the word! What do you say, Pupilboxer, are you in?

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