Over-exposure to blue light can greatly affect your ability to sleep. Blue light, which is high energy visual light emitted by almost all of our devices and artificial lighting also comes from the SUN. We are biologically programmed to be awake when the sun is up, and asleep when the sun is down– pretty simple, really.

So what happens when we look into our tiny screens and read by our artificial lamps past sunset? The high energy blue light causes our brains to think that it is daytime, and our bodies stop making melatonin! This means that it may take you longer to fall asleep, and that you will sleep poorly due to the disruption of your circadian rhythm.

Computer glasses, blue blocking glasses, even computer reading glasses or computer vision syndrome glasses— we have heard the anti blue light glasses solution called them all of these and everything in between. Not only do these products vary greatly in the amount of blue light that they block, but they also range in style from ridiculous to high end. PupilBox provides the most effective (trust us, we’ve tested in our lab) and the most stylish (and clear) blue blocking glasses on the market.

Wearing PupilBox glasses after the sun sets will imitate the light conditions of the night by filtering out the high energy light that affects your melatonin production. Alternatively, our Sleep Ready light bulbs emit an extremely low amount of blue light while still effectively illuminating your room. Read away, dear Pupilboxer, because we have your visual lifestyle covered! Learn more here: http://pupilbox.com/health-impact-sleep/