Excessive use of a digital screen causes symptoms of Digital Eye Strain (“DES”) for many reasons. Blue light is only one of them. That’s why it’s important to use an entire visual lifestyle system to combat these symptoms for healthy, happy eyes.

One of the foremost reasons, aside from blue light, that causes Digital Eye Strain is the slowed blink rate that occurs when looking at a computer. Because our eyes are focusing on an object that is very close to our eyes the eyes tend to move minimally. The eyes tend to stay static and stare straight ahead. Keeping your eyes open longer extends the amount of time that the surface of the eye is exposed to air. This in turn means that more and more of the tear coating on the eye evaporates, causing the “dry, gritty” feeling that is reported by so many digital eye strain sufferers. In fact, some research suggests that the blink rate may slow by as much as a factor of 5.

A great solution to this problem is to introduce the regular use of eye drops to your visual lifestyle. Artificial tears not only replenish the tear coating of the eye, but using artificial tears specifically designed to lubricate the surface of the eye can raise the blink rate which will naturally protect and refresh the eye. Lubricating eye drops not only provide relief when you are already experiencing digital eye strain, but can also prevent it for the future of your computer use session.

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