If you’ve spent any time on our website or following us on social media then you have probably heard us use the term “visual lifestyle” pretty frequently. What does that mean? Why do we keep using “visual lifestyle system” instead of just saying “glasses” or “light bulbs?”

In our Beta Box video we define a visual lifestyle as “the way that you see the world and how you look doing it.” You don’t want to experience the painful symptoms of blue light, you want to sleep well at night, and you certainly want to protect yourself from eye disease. There are a myriad of ways to find solutions to the digitally addicted lifestyles we all live, and it’s our mission to bring you not only the best solutions that we can find, but also the solutions that work for you.

You may want to wear our glasses during the day and use the bulb at night, as we initially recommend. Alternatively, you may prefer the no-glasses look and want to wear your contacts during the day and use f.lux at work, but don our anti-blue light glasses at night— leaving the bulb for your child’s room. Rigging your home office with our light bulbs to keep down the blue from artificial light might work great!

HOWEVER you want to use our products, we want you to do so! In fact, we want to know the creative ways in which you’re using them (seriously, message us)! We aren’t going to stop at glasses and light bulbs. PupilBox aims to bring you the best technologies for blue light protection in any way that they will fit into your visual lifestyle.