Let’s face it. The days of lugging around a book bag ripping at the seams with textbooks and three-ring binders are over. More and more schools are switching to tablet and computer based education. What used to be a solace from screen-time (except for peeking at a cell phone hidden inside of a desk) has now become just a much of a digitally addicted space as any.

Americans spend over 10 hours a day on screens, many even more than that. With students now spending 6+ hours per day during school on the screen, then completing their homework on screens as well, they may be logging as many 12-14 hours per day.

The younger you are, research suggests, the more likely it is that overexposure to blue light will have a negative effect on your eyes. It can damage your vision, and may even speed the onset of age-related macular degeneration. This is because the lenses in our eyes mature over the course of our life time and actually become (just like blue light filtering glasses) more and more yellowed. This process doesn’t cease just when the body reaches physical maturity around 18-20, but actually continues until age 35! This means that adolescents in school are at one of the most pivotal ages for eye health.

Anti-blue lenses in PupilBox glasses can prevent the effects of all of the screen time. Not only will they make the symptoms of digital eye strain go away, and even help with sleep, but they can protect eye health while still looking good!