You’re a beast. You’re up early in the morning grabbing a run, writing about your dreams in your journal, and then listening to an educational audio-book during your commute to the office.

You get to the office, looking great and feeling great. Your boss gives you a fist bump on your way in– she knows that you’re going to make her lots of money today. You grab a coffee and sit down to your tricked-out, three monitor workstation.

Whether you’re making works of art deep in the bowels of Adobe, making the next hit song, programming the next viral app, or sliding data with a pivot table, you’re locked into that screen for the next eight hours (let’s be honest, ten hours– you got to work early).

Around 2pm, you’re rubbing your eyes. You feel tired. That coffee only went so far and the spreadsheets are starting to swim together, the pixels of your masterpiece are a blur. Your eyes burn, your head hurts, and you’re not getting as much done.

Sound familiar? It’s not a 2pm slump because you were up too late last night reading How to Win Friends and Influence People. What’s happening here is that you are experiencing digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome.

Digital Eye Strain is caused by Blue Light. This part light spectrum is also referred to as high energy visible light as it has the shortest wavelength. According to a recent paper published by The Vision Council nearly one-third of American Adults report experiencing eye strain, neck and shoulder pain. In the same study nearly 1 in every 4 people reported dry eyes, headache and blurred vision.

Digital Eye Strain is no friend to productivity. That’s why PupilBox is coming to market with the best in blue light filtering technology while still making sure you look good in the office. Stay turned!