We are digitally addicted. While our minds are quickly adapting to app-centered communication, our eyes are slower to adjust; leading many to experience Digital Eye Strain (“DES”). The Vision Council’s 2016 Digital Eye Strain Report details many of the prevailing trends like 90% of Americans use digital devices for two or more hours each day and 65% of Americans report experiencing symptoms of DES. Most importantly, this annual publication highlights the emerging research discovering the harmful impacts of the cumulative exposure  the high-energy light (aka “Blue Light”) including slow degeneration of the retina.

Blue Light does not affect everyone the same. Our eyes’ daily exposure is increasing. Mobile phone and tablet use are just the beginning; even children’s toy lighting is changing to include more Blue Light due to the type of lights utilized for compactness, long lifespan and low energy consumption. The Blue Light exposure rate is accelerating at increasingly younger ages, and, given the high transparency of their crystalline lens, children are extremely sensitive to blue light retinal exposure. Experts suggest that certain occupations are at increased risk of exposure, including operators in manufacturing facilities, lighting installers, surgeons and dentists.